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Welcome to our new hompage. We are @pupzalo and @pupnutrix. You can follow us both over at Twitter, and weve decided to expand our social media presence with this blog. We are a couple, both boyfriends and live togethern in Manchester city centre. Having been together 2 years and done a lot of kink and fetish stuff together, the coronavirus situation has meant that other than a brief trip to Berlin (to Lab.oratory) when we first met, we have spent most of lockdown just together, exploring ourselves, kinks and fetishes.

We thought it would be fun to start up this blog, ultimately with some content we dont want to share out on the interwebs, but to just our kink buddies and playmates. We are hoping to get over our anxieties, we both have, and get back to exploring events and kink all of the world with our friends.

You can check out our twitter accounts for regular updates (linksn below) and we will post up pictures, videos and even have our own brand of clothing come back here from yesteryear (innerpup). For the time being please feel free to DM us over on Twitter with your thoughts and suggestions for content.

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