March 2022

Everyone (but us) heads out to Gran Canaria

Have noticed this week that lots of “the gays” have been heading out to Gran Canaria. The reason why is that Gran Canaria hosts the Bear Carnival between 26th March and April 3rd. Most of the big parties occur on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday but given that all of the bears have been in forced hibernation for 2 years because of covid, I would imagine that this years attendance will be epic.

This is a Bear Carnival poster that we saw up on the outside of Bunker when we were over there a few weeks ago.

A little part of me is sad that we didn’t wait and go this week out there, as I would have known SO many people out there as we wandered around the bars and parties. But Nutrix and I didnt go to GC this year to do the bar & party circuit. We wanted a break and to chill for a week. However, we headed into the new Construction bar on the ground floor, which cost us each 10 Euro to get, but you were provided with a drink each. In reality this got me a vodka and coke (counted as 2 drinks!) but the kink scene inside felt really really weird to me because most of the people in there felt like “kink tourists” or locals who were stripped naked (clothes in locker) and using the darkroom area in the back as a fuck-fest.

The nice things about being in GC is being there with friends, and I definitely missed being there with people that I knew. I had no confidence at all. I went in there in a Boxer T-shirt and shorts, with TN’s and so looked kinky, but most people were naked or just in holiday clothes. And poor Nutrix experienced the bar and the difference between his 2nd kink bar and Lab.oratory which we visited when we got together and covid just hit back in March 2020.

Im hoping that I will get back there for Fetish week in October. If I do, I intend to have a week of partying out there, Its the 10th Anniversay of the event and there will be loads of people out there in kink Gear, so Zalo V3 needs to visit the bars like “Reds” that I still havent visited yet.

The Fetish Pride this year is going to run 7th – 16th October. Im wondering if its too much to do a Kink based resort.

If you are going this year let us know. Zalo is going to be a total slut available for sub obedient btm duties where required,

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