Rome wasnt built in a day

Li Proverbe au Vilain 1190

This website was though, and the fact we have struggled to sit down and add much content yet, is entirely our faults, so apologies for this but we promise we have some stuff to add on here and review and put up soon. Work for us both since the New Year started has been much busier than both of us realised.

We’ve had about 100 users visit so far, so given there has been little here, we thank you for at least coming here to see what it is about.

I, Zalo, have written an About Me page, and ive also written a couple of other pages describing the pup scene and what it means to me. Everything changes, but I think you get a good idea from it what my interest in the pup scene is, and how it differs to a lot of other people.

I also have the first of our videos to add into our private video collection. You wont see us have an OnlyFans yet, although we had thought of creating one for free to store our content, we are both attempting to be much more sex positive this year, and this is something I would usually avoid doing from my own internal anxiety about my body and from just being proud of the sex that I have in general but since I met Nutrix, I am becoming proud of the sex life and private life we are building together and are now hoping as covid restrictions lift that we will get ourselves out to places where we can have more fun and let everyone know what we are up to.

So, bare with us and I hope to have more stuff to post on here very soon, but in the meantime keep an eye on both our Twitter accounts and let us know your thoughts about the content we are posting and retweeting of others too….

We are testing various things we want to add to the site, so this is the first opportunity for you to feedback below on what you see and for us to test our moderation efforts also, You need to register to be able to comment, but we are hoping to build up content worth registering for and allow you to submit your own too


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