How to convert a sub lad into an obedient pup

This is the video that always reminds me of what I get out of being a dom handler. As someone that has always fancied lads and skin lads especially, taking a sexy attractive lad who trusts you as a dom, and converting him down to look like, and feel like a sexual animal, now owned by his master and handler, to make him feel submissive and learn to lick and sniff his masters scent, suck and taste his masters cock and ass, feel his master touch and rub every part of his new smooth rubber skin and play with his cock and ass making it feel good to be owned and down at his masters or handlers feet.

This transformation for me, and enabling it, is what I really get off on during a dom handler session with a lad who wants to explore bondage, kink and even though they may not have tried to pup before, its a gateway to trying other things and exploration of some key kink ideas. Afterwards a good discussion on what they liked./didnt like or reacted to can be had ready to plan further mutual progression together.

How to convert a submissive chav lad into an obedient rubber pup using a bitch suit
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