Welcome to our new homepage. We are Pup Zalo and Pup Nutrix. You can follow us both over at Twitter, and we’ve decided to expand our social media presence with this blog. We are live together in Manchester city centre. Having been together 2 years and done a lot of kink and fetish stuff together, the coronavirus situation has meant that other than a brief trip to Berlin (to Lab.oratory) when we first met, we have spent most of lockdown just together, exploring ourselves, kinks and fetishes.

Nutrix & Zalo
One of our play sessions together

We thought it would be fun to start up this blog, ultimately with some content we don’t want to share out other than to our friends and to just our kink buddies and playmates. We are hoping to get over our anxieties, that we both have (end they are very different), and get back to exploring events and kink all of the world with our friends, but talk about our experiences and the people and pups we meet along the way here.

You can check out our twitter accounts for small updates which should appear over down below on the main page and we will post up larger diary entries, articles, pictures, videos and even have our own brand of clothing come back here from yester-year (innerpup). You can comment on each post by clicking the small blue speech symbol at the end of the post.

Thanks for looking… Zalo & Nutrix 🐾

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Some pics of my attire and amazing play with @pupnutrix – I now like how he has worked out to put me in chastity when he wants me to be the subby dad pig, how you can tell from my jock bulge and how he uses his smelly work socks to play with my ass. I’m so easily distracted!

These Nike Shox look hot as fuck on you and I’m happy to get that view of them. The only view we didn’t get is them in the air in the sling 😉 https://twitter.com/PupNutrix/status/1557113691807571969

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Wruff! Wish I had my leather pup hood and red oxball ball tail at the time to help let my “Inner Pup” out in the remote outdoors. 🐶

New Red Nike Shoxs trainers as a gift from @PupZalo. He’s so thoughtful always making sure I flag my big fisty ass colour. 🐽 👟 🧦 🤛 😈 💦

Why wait until you’re geriatric for your balls to touch your knees when you can go from 0 to 100 with these impressive 568g ball weights.

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