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When I was growing up there were no inspirational sexy muscular masculine guys who loved to be on all fours being pounded. For all the muscular tops, who would otherwise injure at this level of ability, we need to make sure we promote this career opportunity more. RT & help

Socktober eh? Well fortunately for me these haven’t left my feet yet since putting them on, on Saturday, so I think I’ll keep em on and then auction them off for a mental health charity, won’t be highest bidder wins auction either as everyone’s skint! #socktober #kinksocktober

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New jacket thanks to @PupZalo whilst out in Berlin for Folsom. Perfect colours as always and got a limited edition T-shirt to complete the look. Wruff!

This puppy has finally learnt to colour coordinate and be body proud! The shredder tank top is pink to make the boys wink 😉 🌈 Thanks to @PupZalo for it. Wruff!

Wruff! Wish I had my leather pup hood and red oxball ball tail at the time to help let my “Inner Pup” out in the remote outdoors. 🐶

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